Technology Plan

East Greenwich Free Library
Technology Plans
2018 – 2021

Vision Statement

The East Greenwich Free Library will provide information and support life-long learning to all its users by continuing to develop the library's comprehensive electronic services, providing our patrons with access to emerging technology, and offering opportunities for the public to retrieve information in a timely and productive manner.



Goal I: To continue to provide quality access to information using our equipment and services.

Objective A: To evaluate current equipment and technology and improve as needed.


Activities for Implementation:


Upgrade established computer stations with newer processors, monitors and peripherals as current equipment becomes outmoded , an ongoing activity. Procure and install updated versions of current web browsers . Explore alternative versions of web browsers and install as recommended. Install patches and updates for Windows service packs. Procure and install updated security and anti-virus software.


Objective B: To provide consistent access to all databases and Internet


Activities for Implementing Objective B:


Evaluate and upgrade the library's electronic and Internet services by staying abreast of technology requirements, recognizing the technology requirements guided by the OSL consortium, the ILS and statewide catalog website and Internet databases, websites. Maintain policies and standards of use for the library's operating systems' platforms.


Objective C:  To promote uniform access on our computers and to our website.



Activities for Implementing Objective C:


 Continue to maintain and improve the functionality of the library's local server, with computer user workgroups configured according to our standards. Manage the internal network server so that consistent desktops are deployed throughout the building insuring that patrons using our computers are afforded the same user experience at each workstation. 



Goal II: To digitize our local history and items of value/ importance/significance and make those digital archives available to our community.

Objective A: to digitize the local newspaper and make this material available to our patrons.


Activities for Implementation:


Continue ongoing efforts to complete the digitization of the local newspaper, from the year 1854 through the current microfilmed years. To provide patron access to these resources by continuing to offer a microfilmed version for in-house use with our microform scanner, with OCR, saving materials via USB, and to allow printing of this material with connection to a local printer. To provide an online version of this newspaper, accesses devices connected through our local IP address, subscribing to a vendor which will house the data on a remote server. To continue to make this database searchable by keyword, allowing for emailing of selected articles.


Objective B: To digitize our special collections, images and text, for the preservation of East Greenwich history.


Activities for Implementing Objective B:


Purchase a scanner capable of digitizing text and images. Purchase a designated computer with functional software which will allow for searching, indexing and transferring of this information. Train reference staff members to use this equipment. Select materials to be saved in digital format, prioritizing, by each item's importance and singularity, digitizing and transferring this data to an internal and external hard drive.


Objective C: To make our digitized local collections available to the public.


Activities for Implementing Objective C:


To explore the methods available for housing our digital archives, using a local network server, external hard drive in-house, or hosting services procured through a subscription vendor. To contunie to pursue digitization of our local history, news sources and ephemeral collections, providing acces to these collections through our website portal.



Goal III: To meet continuing needs of patrons and our community for access to developing technology.

Objective A: To provide reliable Internet connections and increase patrons' access to the Internet.


Activities for Implementation:


To continue to offer wireless access throughout our building and to assist patrons in connecting their devices. In response to patron requests, we have made available more seating for those who prefer to use their own devices in the library. Access to electricity and charging ports are being expanded throughout the building , specifically in the older parts of the building where personal devices can be used. Going forward, we will monitor the current wireless routers and reliable connectability, always updating hardware and software as technology moves forward.


Objective B: To explore and address impending technology needs in our community and to attempt to provide the means for patron access.


Activities for Implementing Objective B:


To explore the feasibility of purchasing individual wireless remote devices to circulate to our patrons, recognize the needs of our local students with their school- issued chromebooks (or other personal tablets) who may not have Internet access at home. To continue our coordination with the East Greenwich School Department to meet these students' needs. Another aim is to provide spaces for school children to sit with both written homework and personal computers


Objective C: To provide access to alternate media for our patrons.


Activities for Implementing Objective C:


Recognizing the increasing prevalence of streaming media, we will explore methods and means of making this technology available to our patrons, advocating for increased bandwidth and faster delivery  speeds through the consortium.



Goal IV: To continue to offer and increase the library's circulating collection of electronic readers.

Objective A: To offer the loan of e-book readers to our patrons.


Activities for Implementation:


To continue to provide e-book readers , with previously downloaded content, to our users. To update content for these circulating e-readers.


Objective B: To explore the purchase of devices which provide for expanded circulation of information.


Activities for Implementation:


To assess the upcoming media products for content-laden devices for the purpose of circulating between our patrons. To purchases the necessary devices with the goal of supporting information literacy, i.e., electronics which may contain news, educational information and other media.





Goal V: To develop and  enhance staff skills in information technology and information literacy.

Objective A: To  offer opportunities for staff  training


Activities for Implementation:


To conduct inhouse workshops designed to train staff on using all library electronic equipment. To encourage staff to enroll in workshop sessions and training offered by the consortium or other organizations. To register staff in ongoing training programs and to provide the support that staff may need to remain proficient in the use of electronic equipment.






We will review and amend our technology plan, using recommendations from OSL, OLIS,  LORI and standards within the technology industry.



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