Meeting Room Policy




  • The Community Room is available to civic, cultural and educational organizations during library hours of opening. Meeting rooms are available regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members. The Community Room is not available for social gatherings, the benefit of private individuals, commercial purposes or fund-raising purposes.
  • Use of the Community Room does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the East Greenwich Free Library.
  • Groups applying to use the Community Room must fill out a Meeting Room Request Form.
  • A library-sponsored program has priority over other uses of the meeting room. In the event of a scheduling conflict, if possible, groups will be given one month’s notice. Groups are allowed to book the room up to 2 months in advance.
  • The Community Room should not be used in any way that interferes with the operation of the library or which threatens the safety of library patrons. Community Room attendees must adhere to the library’s behavior guidelines.
  • East Greenwich Free Library assumes no liability for organizations or their meeting attendees using library facilities, or for theft or damage to vehicles or personal property while on the premises. The library is not responsible for equipment, clothing or other items left on the premises at the close of a meeting.
  • The East Greenwich Free Library’s property and liability insurance policy does not cover groups using the Community Room. Only library staff and programs originated and executed by the library are covered.
  • Library management reserves the right to cancel or postpone any meeting or performance at any time in the event of inclement weather or other building emergency.
  • Groups are responsible for paying for any breakage, damage to library property, or any inordinate amount of cleaning resulting from the use of the rooms.
  • Program registration, for programs which require registration,  will be the responsibility of the group, not the library.
  • The director, in consultation with the group’s liaison, will determine the necessity of police presence. The group will cover any costs incurred by the use of police details.
  • All publicity shall carry the name of the organization sponsoring the program. East Greenwich Free Library shall not be identified or implied as a sponsor without the consent of the library director. All publicity for the event must include the legible disclaimer “This event is not endorsed by or affiliated with the East Greenwich Free Library.” All press releases and flyers bearing the library name must be sent to the library for approval prior to release. 
  • Groups requesting the use of the Community Room will designate on the request form a contact person who shall be its formal representative while the room is being used. It is understood that inquiries concerning the meeting in question may be referred to the contact person.
  • Simple refreshments may be served in the Community Room, with prior approval, provided groups use their own supplies and equipment and leave the area in a clean and orderly condition. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Open flames and candles are prohibited.
  • Room capacity, as determined by the fire marshal, will be observed at all times.
  • Groups are required to vacate the Community Room 30 minutes prior to library closing.
  • Due to the numerous requests for meeting space, continuing and repetitious use of the Community Room by a single group or organization must be limited. Generally, the maximum allowable usage will be once per month.
  • Groups using the Community Room are expected to set up the room on their own, clean the room after use and return the room to the way it was found. Nothing is to be hung or affixed to the walls or doors in the meeting space or hallways.
  • Use of the Community Room consists of use of the space, tables and chairs, podium, refrigerator, microwave, and the projection screen. The library will not provide any projectors, computers, extension cords, coffee pots, or any other equipment or supplies. Library staff is not able to set up or troubleshoot an organization’s technology equipment.
  • While it is not customary, fees may be assessed to reimburse the library for any additional operating costs incurred as a result of a meeting.
  • No admission may be charged for meetings/events at the library.

Approved by the EGFL Board of Trustees 6/2021

Updated and approved by the EGFL Board of Trustees 3/2023